| she/her | leo | isfp-a |

likes butteflies, cheese, food, pizza, pasta, mac & cheese, soft toys, the moon, kpop
dislikes vegs, mushroom, dry chicken, saesangs, homophobes, transphobes, racism, ableism


BYF i'm asian, support gfriend, supports mamamoo, a minor
DNI you're homophobic, transphobic, racist or ableist

on kprofiles: winter, mars, matt, denki, april, jinnie, lucy, mika, grace

STANS loona (g)i-dle mamamoo gfriend purple kiss lightsum iu ailee bugaboo ive kep1er everglow itzy dreamcatcher t-ara weeekly pixy
BIASES olivia hye heejin yves kim lip go won ot6 moonbyul chaein yuki soeun jia juhyeon huiyeon ot6 liz yujin chaehyun mia yuna ot7 ot6 monday jaehee sua

FAV SONGS ptt gleam decalcomanie mago rough glass bead me gustas tu twinkle cast pearls before swine would you run -18 vivace you, jam twenty-three i will show you heaven don't teach me u & i i will go to you like the first snow bugaboo adios loco because sugar free number 9 so crazy day by day sexy love holiday party